Repair Of Crankshaft | Crankshaft Repair

Repair Of Crankshaft | Crankshaft Repair
Name: RA power solutions

Onsite repair of crankshaft results in substantial savings in terms of downtime and money. With the experience of 40 years of working experience on crankshaft our trained technicians go to the site and undertake repair of crankshaft and other necessary engine repairs while the vessel is sailing. Crankshaft repair is also undertaken while sailing of vessel and on low cost.

Crankshaft repair is required in case following discrepancies are observed:
In case of development of taper and ovality, crankshaft repair is undertaken by grinding of crankshaft.
Excessive rough surface finish, bearing marks, pitting requires crankshaft repair.
RA Power Solutions undertakes crankshaft repair of damaged crankshaft counter weight and bolts thread. The combination of metal stitching, metal locking and use of helicoil thread inserts is done for successful repair of crankshaft.
The loss of alignment of crankshaft by the penning process is undertaken. We have experienced technicians to undertake crankshaft repair successfully.
Correction of radius fillet of crank pin and crank main journal is undertaken as per manufacturer’s standards.
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Repair Of Crankshaft | Crankshaft Repair - Yello Classifieds Singapore

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